Mary Hypatia Link, Aunt Hi, 52 Ancestors #13: Different

She was either born in 1899 or 1900, and I know which one.

This last year, I have been struggling with the idea of proof. That was one of my impetuses for starting a 52 Ancestors blog-project, “starting” being the operative word. Most of my life I have been recording and collecting ancestors. But the truth is, I know my collecting has mixed all types of things together—some right and some wrong. Today, for the first time, I have documented my use of The Genealogical Proof Standard, and it feels good. You see, the birth-year of my great aunt, Mary Hypatia Link, is wrong in her obituary, and probably on her headstone, too. She was born in 1899, not 1900. And now I can prove it.

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