And just who might they be? ( 52 Ancestors #00)

The last completely-filled-out column on my six generation chart is the fifth column representing my great-great grandparents. And for one of my great-great grandmothers, I have two distinct possibilities.

All of these ancestors of mine seem to have been born in the first half of the 19th Century, and almost half of them lived into the 20th Century. Many knew their grandchildren, but none saw a great grandchild born (so far as I can tell).

Since I am planning to investigate each of these ancestors this year in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge, it occurred to me that if I listed them here and now, some gentle soul might recognize a name, contact me with some information, and keep me from making as big a fool of myself as I might otherwise do. Because it helps me, I have included the ahnentafel numbers next to these ancestors. So, here goes.

On my father’s side, these are his father’s grandparents…

16     Milton Tilman Hunt

17     Mary Jane “May” McNairy or Helen Mary Baldwin (Hopefully, I’ll know which one by the time you see a posting about this great-great grandmother.)

18     James Cornell (I’m not sure who his parents are.)

19     Susannah Roberts Hutchison (I don’t know her mother.)

…and his mother’s grandparents:

20     Andrew Jackson Savell

21     Lavinia Virginia McGaughy (I don’t know her mother, and am not sure about the spelling of her last name.)

22     Isaac “Ike” Miers

23     Victoria E A Morton (I’ve always been told that she is a descendent of John Morton, the signer of the US Declaration of Independence, but I have found nothing to support this claim.)

On my mother’s side, here are her father’s grandparents…

24     Henry Harnsbargar Link

25     Hypatia Megee (I don’t know her mother.)

26     Hillary Gray Manning

27     Mary Jane Gorman

…and her mother’s grandparents:

28     Alonzo Flourney “AF” Erwin (Although I have names for his parents, this is my brick-wall line.)

27     Dorinda “Dora” Rebecca Beal (I don’t know her parents.)

28     William Henry Harrison Manry

29     Mary Adeline Johnson

Hope to hear from you,

Bryan, a.k.a., Zim


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